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Psychology of new work in the vuca world (in English)
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Dozent Frau Renate Irena Mahr
Ort Room S 215
Ziele The world is changing … it is changing fast … worklife has already changed: the world has become volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous: „vuca“ as we call it nowadays, or just „new work“.

This is the world that is awaiting you for your worklife …

Nowadays careers are different, business life is different, successes are differently achieved.

Let’s find out together how to forge your career:

What are the everlasting criteria of job success and what are the new challenges to solve?
Inhalte · What vuca means and what it takes to succeed in a vuca world
· Your foundation of success: general, personal and individual strengths
· How to work together, how to succeed together
Methoden · Workshop
· Groupwork
· Group presentation
Voraussetzungen You ask yourself questions about how your worklife will be and how you will lead your business life?

Welcome! Join in and gain insights!
Prüfungsform Be a vivid participant in the workshop, in the groupwork and represent your group in the presentations: Your personal improvement during the course will be your assessment!
CP, SWS 1, 1
Termine 11.10.2019 - 13:45 bis 18:00
12.10.2019 - 09:00 bis 17:00